Don't Rush It

It’s not surprising that anyone planning a new build or renovation project is always tempted to just ‘get on with it’.  My advice however is - don’t rush it.

One of the main things I’m always surprised by is how late in the project the clients think to bring me on board.  If you’re just redecorating a room, this is probably ok, but for anything that involves building works the success is all in the planning - and good design doesn’t happen in an instant.

Here are some pointers:-

  • It might be your home for probably the next decade or two or perhaps for life - so the investment in time and effort is worth it.
  • The more prior planning that’s done before ‘breaking ground’ on your project, the better.  It will pay huge dividends if done correctly (both financially and time wise).
  • Always be honest with your builder, architect & interior designer about your budget - even if you’re lucky enough to not have to worry too much about the costs (I’ve yet to meet a client like this !)
  • You may feel the design fees charged by architects, interior designers etc are not worth it - however as professionals, we’re all looking to develop the best possible design for your budget, so don’t skimp on this.
  • Start building your team early, architect, builder, interior designer etc. They’ll be working closely together and it’s always helpful if they’ve been brought together before the project starts and had a chance to review & discuss the proposals together.  Good communication between all the key players is vital.
  • Getting detailed drawings, specifications, lighting & electrical layouts etc early on, will put in you in the best position to get builders’ quotes on a like-for-like basis, & therefore have a more realistic idea of what’s possible.
  • Whilst the aesthetics are important, any good design must always be practical and suit your lifestyle - otherwise it will drive you nuts over time.  I ask lots of questions about a clients daily life to help me understand how the space needs to function for them.  (I’m not being nosey just for the sake of it !).
  • In a nut shell, my advice is get everyone on the design team involved as early as possible.  In my opinion, there is no such thing as too early.

So if you are looking at a new build, or project renovation, give me call - sooner rather than later.